Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Moron Mail

For some reason, the Strib has seen the need to import moronic letters from other states. I guess there's been a drop in output from the Democrat Letter Writing Mill; probably because they've been put to work hacking the web sites of undesirables.

Gas is $3 a gallon. Congress argues gay marriage.

They did? When?

And the only way Congress can affect gas prices has been repeatedly blocked by your side.

So shut the hell up about gas prices.

The border between Israel and Lebanon is in flames. Congress debates abortion legislation.

...When they should have been busy passing a law making it a federal crime for Israel and Hezbollah to shoot missiles at each other. Brilliant!

Our environment is in shambles -- with the ice caps melting and record heat waves and wild fires rocking the Midwest.


The House and Senate debate dirty lyrics in pop music.


Shouldn't members of the Senate and House, as well as our statehouses, unite to bring peace, ethanol and campaign finance reform to the front of the "to-do" list?

I - uh -


"Peace, ethanol and campaign finance reform"??????


That's a great party slogan. Run with that.


"Amy Klobuchar for Senate: Peace, ethanol and campaign finance reform!"

Corruption and greed are the real "moral issues" that threaten America most.

Yes - your corrupt greed for more of my money.

By fanning the fire of issues that divide our nation, these lawmakers simply help demonstrate that public officials are out of touch with real Americans.

di·vi·sive, adj.: Any issue on which Republicans have a policy position.
example: Partial birth abortion, tax cuts and the War on Terror are divisive issues to be eschewed; if only we could unite ourselves around the common values of signing the Kyoto Protocol, taxpayer subsidized abortion on demand, and six-figure salaries for rookie teachers!

Please, let us all try to work together, and remind these so-called "representatives" that they work for us -- and that it is time to get to work!


Go pollute your own freakin' newspaper. We're all stocked up on psychotic moonbat ravings here.

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