Friday, August 11, 2006

Moron Mail

Here's a tip: Instead of trying to synthesize all the myriad talking points e-mailed to you from the Glorious Revolution Democrat Party, try just paraphrasing one at a time. If you have trouble with that concept, feel free to visit one of the several leftyblogs in emanating from the Twin Cities area. Those folks have gotten quite good at dutifully paraphrasing and regurgitating (if that word makes you think of puke, it was entirely intentional) the propaganda and opposition research coming from the Glorious Party masters. It will seem more coherent.

"Coherent" obviously being a relative term.

Bush drops the ball

Leave it to the Brits to detect and foil what might have been the most catastrophic terror plot since 9/11.

Well seeing as the suspects were in Britain, and they were planning on hijacking flights departing from London, it was a little beyond the jurisdiction of the FBI and NYPD.

Oh, that's right: you want us to invade England!

Nuke 'em! NUKE THE LIMEY F**KERS!!!!!

[NOTE TO DHS: The preceding line, and post, were tongue in cheek.]

Those who have experienced airstrikes and war on home ground take more aggressive measures to protect their citizens. And, it is fitting that on the very day this horrific plot was foiled, President Bush chose to fly to Wisconsin for a Republican fundraiser.


Oh, right: Bush should have been in the War Room planning our landing at the cliffs of Dover; kind of like D-Day 2: The Wrath of Bushitler.

The degree to which this administration has abrogated executive responsibility and softened its preparation and vigilance for terror is sobering. As for Congress, it remains "Congress" only in name.

That's right! I call upon Congress to fulfill its Constitutionally mandated duty, and declare war on the Limey scum!

It is enough that Vice President Dick Cheney has dictated administration "energy policy" behind closed doors. It is another when the lives of men, women and children have been subject to unthinkable suffering and murder because of sheer incompetence.

So what the hell was this letter about anyway? It's riddled with irrelevancies, non-sequiturs, cut-n-pasted context-lacking talking points, fact-free and unsupported assertions. I can only come to one conclusion:


wants us to get into an illegal and unjust war against England.

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