Monday, August 21, 2006

Moron Mail

Because of me, the left wing letter mill's Great War Against Your Intelligence is a quagmire. You can thank me later. For now, let's count how many times this loser repeats the same vapid talking point:

Vote Democratic to save Social Security

This June, Republican President Bush said in a speech that he still wants to phase out Social Security [*ding* ONE].

And while we're here, I'd just like to point out that it appears that the only people who are using this phrase are morons like you. I can't find any news article about or transcript of this speech. And on further reflection, it occurs to me that it would be a collossal political blunder of epic proportions to go around giving speeches about how you're going to "phase out" Social Security in an election year. Especially when, from time immemorial, Social Security has been known as the "third rail" of politics. Touch it and you die. Not something that's likely to happen when ackowledged political evil super genius Karl Rove is pulling Chimpy McBushitler's strings, no?

Perhaps you're lifting the "phased out" thing out of its context. If it was ever uttered at all.

And this July, Republican Majority Leader John Boehner said that he will introduce Bush's plan to phase out Social Security [*ding* TWO] after the new year (and after elections).

(What did Goebbels say about repeating something something...?)

Republican Mark Kennedy has already declared support for Bush's plan to phase out Social Security [*ding* THREE]. And Republican Michele Bachmann, who has never found a Republican scheme [shouldn't that be "risky scheme"? Please consult you duly issued DNC Letter Writer's Stylebook, pg. 67, par. 5 -ed.] too extreme, will also support the Republican plan to phase out Social Security [*ding* FOUR].

If you want to protect Social Security from the Republican plan to phase it out [*ding* FIVE], vote for Democrats Amy Klobuchar for Senate and Patty Wetterling for Congress.

I'd rather spend an evening in conversation with you about Social Security over a lukewarm glass of soy milk.


So to recap:

Number of times a moonbat mentions "phasing out" "Social Security" in a four paragraph letter: 5

Number of hits the Google News search phrase "bush + 'phase out' + 'Social Security'" generates: 5

Number of those hits that are relevant: 3

Perentage of relevant hits that were the above reproduced Moron Mail: 33%

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