Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Moron Mail

This letter deserves the MM honor not so much for what is says...

Much as I enjoy Helen Duffy Murphy's thoughts on St. Paul, a city to which she has given much since she was Queen of the Snows in 1947, she is off the mark about me ("What's wrong with fundraising?" Aug. 29).

True, I am married to my favorite newspaper columnist, Laura Billings. But no, I never gave "column space" to my brother Chris during the 2005 campaign for mayor of St. Paul.

In fact, I scrupulously avoided mention of Chris or his opponent, Mayor Randy Kelly (for whom I voted in 2001), until the election was over. When I did write about "the brother," it was to remind him that, "It's not your town, Bro. You just work for us."

...but for its author:

St. Paul

What a load of BS. Everybody knows that NonMonkey's favorite columnist is NonMonkey.

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