Thursday, August 31, 2006

Moron Mail

File this one away for later: in Moonbat Letter World, Democrats don't do opposition research:

Kennedy campaign wastes time, money looking for mud

The National Republican Senatorial Committee

[Looking at the title of the letter...]

[Looking at the first five words of the letter...]

[Looking at title...]

[Looking at letter...]

Oh never mind...

is giving Minnesotans yet another reason to vote the Democratic ticket in November ("GOP group mines data from office of Amy Klobuchar" Aug. 26.)

...Which is refreshing news, since the Democrats themselves still have yet to provide one.

(For you rookie bloggers and blog readers, that's known as a "money quote.")

After receiving 700 pages of requested minutiae, it is complaining that the thousands more documents requested are slow in coming.

"Minutiae"? What, were they looking for any pictures of Klubuchar that appeared to have been manipulated to show that the small fish she's holding is really a 30 pound Northern?

Or perhaps were they looking to see if she had the requisite CLE credits to avoid having her license put on "restricted status?"

Or were they demanding server logs and screenshots of her campaign website to determine when and to what extent the site has been updated?

Please, describe "minutiae."

I am furious that my tax dollars have been wasted by the "hundreds and hundreds of hours" Hennepin County has been forced to spend combing back records to honor these requests.

I wonder how many hundreds and hundreds of hours and thousands of taxpayer dollars Obsessive Stalker Looser has wasted filing her perpetual FOIA requests...

Oh that's right: only the NRSC / Kennedy campaign does oppo research.

The Republicans must be desperate to find something to smear Klobuchar's reputation.

Or perhaps they're looking for a "record". You know: that thing that incumbents can run on - or away from - but also the thing that an empty-skirted neophyte patrician running for a legislative office for the very first time doesn't possess. Legislative records are transparent - you can easily look up how a given legislator voted on any given law. The accomplishments of a county attorney are a little more obscure.

But hell, if it's sleazy to dig up your opponent's record in legislative campaigns, why not apply that standard elsewhere. Shit, why don't we just abrogate the discovery rules and the admissibility of impeachment evidence in the courts?

"I object to turning over that incriminating document because the plaintiff wants to use it to smear my client in court!"

We have seen enough of Republican smear tactics over the last six years

Like attempting to entrap opponent campaigns with shady contributions?

Like trying to get your opponent kicked off the ballot with a frivolous lawsuit based on an obscure technicality?

Oh wait. Those weren't Republicans.

to recognize this attempt for what it is: conniving, contemptible and without concern for Minnesota taxpayers.

I agree, that lawsuit against Gutknecht was conniving, contemptible and a waste of taxpayers' money.

Whoops! Sorry about that. Those things must have occurred on the planet in which only the Republicans are sleazy.


I have a feeling that we will be revisiting this edition of Moron Mail again. And again. And again...
Until then, remember: Only Republicans use "smear tactics". Try to keep that in mind while you read the local lefty blogs.

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