Monday, August 28, 2006

State Fair Haikus

EDITOR'S NOTE: Even though I am a Minnesotan (though I don't like to admit that fact) I have never attended the fair. I'm not a big state fair guy, and have been of the opinion that whomever avers that their state has the "best state fair in the country" is invariably full of shit. They're all the same. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time at the fair. What follows are my observations in haiku form, since I don't feel like writing prose today.

Met MDE for
First time. Secure that I'm still
Best-looking MOBster.

Who were those women
Men bull dykes life forms filming
NARN? Agitprop soon?

Moonchild *loves* porkchop
On a stick. Tears the porky
Flesh like a lion.

My quest: fried Snickers
Bar. Mission accomplished. Twice.
Let the pooping start!

The Girl liked the horse
Barn. But she liked the Cotton
Candy booth better.

Hung like a horse, huh?
Well, good for you! Lucky me:
I'm hung like a sheep:

Passed Air America
Booth. Couldn't tell if smell was
From there, or horse barn.

Three hours is all
Moonchild could take. Five minutes
More: uh oh - Wrathchild!

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