Thursday, August 03, 2006

They Sheer Sheep, Don't They?

So I got my escrow statement in the mail the other day, and found out that the District 196 Mass Assraping caused me to have an account shortfall of about 500 bones. Lucky for me, the good folks at Wells Fargo are a magnanimous bunch, so I have the option of paying the $500 out of my pocket in one lump sum, or having my mortgage payment go up another 80-odd dollars in perpetuity.

That was the fallout from one election in 2005. The other consequence of an election in 2005 is about to anally probe those who deserve it the most:

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman today will propose an 8.5 percent tax increase for 2007, at $5.5 million the biggest hike in the city's property tax levy since 1991.

"I am concerned about the reaction of the people in the city," Coleman said during a first-of-its-kind briefing Tuesday morning for members of the St. Paul school board and Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. "We have turned over every single rock we could find," he added.

Did you look under the same rock that Coleman came from?

Coleman is scheduled to deliver full details of his budget during a noon address in the auditorium at the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center for Community Building on the city's West Side.

Word of the proposed increase comes just a week after the county laid out its plans for a 5 percent property tax increase and the same day the school board considered putting a $30.6 million excess levy referendum before voters in November. It also comes on top of a 20 percent increase in the regular 2006 school district levy, authorized by the Legislature last year, as well as $2 million in new electrical utility franchise fees that will kick in next year.

A median-value, $179,000 home in St. Paul could pay an additional $260 next year in taxes and fees and related payments, city officials estimated.


The funniest part about all this, is that while us outsiders are relishing the predicted (and well deserved) shearing of the DFL sheep, they're probably enjoying it just as much, exclaiming "Ooooo! Spank me again! Spank me again you naughty, naughty mayor!"

I hope you all go bankrupt and have to live in a shack for the rest of your life. You deserve nothing more.

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