Thursday, August 31, 2006

Top 11 Possible "Disturbing Developments" at Fraters Libertas

Chad ominously alerts us that he will be making an announcement later about some "disturbing development." The KAR Speculation Department has cobbled together 11 possible scenarios as to the substance of that announcement:

11. Stillwater Chipotle to hold another Free Burrito Day

10. Spitbull squeezed out of Northern Alliance in binding share exchange; nobody notices.

9. JB Doubtless to drop out of Scotch Egg on a Stick eating contest after discovering that the Scotch eggs at this year's fair were made from free range sausage

8. Atomizer's monthly post is past deadline

7. The Man from Silver mountain has submitted a post for publication

6. Rocky Mountain Alliance has acquired Northern Alliance in hostile takeover - plans to liquidate.

5. Gillette has delayed the rollout of its latest product: a 5,000 blade vibrating razor / smoothie machine

4. Chad has finally acquiesced to the realization that hockey is indeed a second-tier sport

3. St. Paul got another parking ticket

2. Three words - guest blogger: LearnedFoot

1. Supreme Court has overturned Fraters trivia victory on a Substantive Due Process violation

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