Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tutte Sommes "Moderates"

Oh gag.

Says here that the Strib thinks that Joe Lieberman's performance in the primary was not becuse of the sneering single-chromosome left, but from "moderate anger".

They're kidding, right?

No, they're not kidding. They're still humming along on that same single shared brain cell.

Oh sure, they back up their assertion with facts a poll:

The poll found that 81 percent of Democrats say the Iraq war was not worth fighting, and 70 percent said they feel that way "strongly." Furthermore, it found that Americans' support for their own incumbent congressional representative is at its lowest point in 12 years.

And then, faced with two plausible interpretations of said poll, the Strib goes with the self serving one:

It seems likely that the war in Iraq, while central, also was a proxy for all kinds of issues that moderate Democrats think are being handled the wrong way. As Hartford Courant columnist Bill Curry put it Tuesday, "The race is certainly a referendum on Bush foreign policy. But at another level, I think it's also a referendum on a kind of centrism within the Democratic Party .... Many Democrats feel ... that their own party's centrism has become not just ineffectual, but unconscionable."

Fine. That's one way of looking at it. Here's my gloss:


The Strib just assumes (right along with Curry) that because of the lopsided majority of Democrats polled, that certainly some of them must be "moderates".

I'm sure they would define themselves that way. But then, I'm a moderate too.

We all are, unless we're defined by our political opposites. Something that even some of our resident Centrists are quick to do.

SIDE NOTE: I appologize in advance if that last graf is taken as a blind-sided swipe at our Resident Centrist who is unable to defend himself at the moment since he's attending the Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota's DFL Senate candidate with no legislative record, who Flash endorsed within nanoseconds of her announcement of her intention to run for the Senate five months before the DFL endorsement convention) rally featuring John "I'll Make Chris Reeve Walk" Edwards.

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