Thursday, August 24, 2006

Why Does NonMonkey Hate Honest Sources?

Remember yesterday when I fisked that NonMonkey column?

[musing] That was great.

There was a part in that article where his featured subject claimed to be a "reformed" Republican. Remember how this thunderjournal was temporarily knocked out of service by all the red flags that sprung up?

In case you don't remember or are to lazy to click through the link above, here's the pertinent part in it's unfisked form:

Hannaford, 49, describes herself as "a reformed Republican." While her husband, Jule, has contributed to the campaigns of George Bush and Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, she, in recent years, has contributed mostly to Democrats, including to Amy Klobuchar's campaign for the U.S. Senate.

She still calls herself a Republican. But she says she is a "reformed" one. And that the president has "reformed" her.

"I'm no longer voting that way," she said, meaning Republican. And she said she isn't the only "reformed" Republican.

"People have issues with Mr. Bush," she said. "I think people are troubled by the war, his energy policies, a host of things. And his position on choice."

Whenever I see a purported "Republican" dissatisfied with This Administration in Letters to the Editor or in a NonMonkey column, I automatically get suspicious. It's a cute little persuasive trick that almost always collapses when you do a little research. And you see it a lot. NonMonkey likes to use this ruse (but since the Strib is keeping a tight leash on NonMonkey's archives - it only goes back to June now - I can't link to an example. Ryan?)

So thanks to "a little research" done by alert reader Mike, we can now vaporize another NonMonkey-proffered "lifelong dissatisfied Republican. Take a look at this bio:

Betsy A. Hannaford currently serves on the boards of The Guthrie Theater and Graywolf Press, and is an active volunteer at The Blake School in Minneapolis. She is a former board member of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and the Ripley Foundation. Betsy graduated from Pomona College and NYU School of Law.

I will make no inference as to what her position on the Guthrie's board means, nor will I as to her involvement with the Greywolf Press (though it does raise suspicions); but NonMonkey wants me to believe that a lifelong "Republican" served on the board for Planned Freaking Parenthood? Or even less likey: that Planned Parenthood would have even allowed a Republican on its board?

Rediculous! (sic)

Add that to the regurgitated DFL positions "energy policy," "the war," "choice" and her vomiting up the Global Warming Kool Aid, and you can't help but reach the conclusion that, when she says she is or has ever been a Republican, she's as full of shit as NonMonkey is.

So could all you moonbats out there please stop it with the whole "I'm a lifelong Republican who's very very upset with This Administration" bullshit? You're not fooling anybody.

UPDATE: The thread continues to unravel:

Cyber-sleuth commenter, Joe, shares the following:

There's only 9 addresses on Bracketts Point Road, so having two of the neighbors hoping to see the president seems like a pretty good percentage to me.

Of course, fact checking has always been a weakness for Nick. The Hannaford home is actually in Orono, though the ZIP code is Wayzata. Pretty nice home, too - Hennepin county values it at over $2 million. No way Nick saw the ducks or the boat from the drive - the place is huge!

Nick also apparently missed the fact that Mr. Hannaford is a partner in a law firm that specializes in, among other things, helping big corporations structure benefit packages for corporate executives. I bet he's thrilled with this column.

UPDATE 2: Brilliant.

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