Friday, September 08, 2006


Some are good at math and then there’s John Gaertner of Minneapolis. Admittedly I’m jumping to a conclusion, but I have some pretty good evidence that John is dumb enough to believe 1+1=172.

To prove my case I offer the following excerpt:

In 2002 Rich Stanek, as an IR legislator from Maple Grove, was an important backer of conceal and carry legislation before the house. It would seem unfortunate that given a time when children are being murdered by guns[Note to John: the kid was murdered by a piece of trash gang member, not a gun] for jerseys on their backs, that someone would be occupying the position of Hennepin County sheriff who felt the answer to gun violence was to put more guns on the streets. [Another note to John: show me a quote from Stanek where he asserts your ridiculous accusation and I’ll withdraw my support from him].

John’s answer to gun violence is taking guns away from law-abiding citizens so only subhuman dirtball criminals with no respect for life will have them.

Great idea, Rockhead.

John’s not done yet. After dazzling readers with his ability to connect two disparate thoughts, he throws out…The Race Card:

Then in 2003, after being nominated as director of Public Safety by Governor Tim Pawlenty, Stanek was forced to resign after being discovered to have used racial epithets.

Yes, Stanek admitted in 2003 that he used racial epithets in 1993. He also apologized for his actions.

Then there’s Keith “Love that Farrakhan” Ellison. Among other things, he shared a stage with representatives of one of the most vile hate groups known and his excuse is that he didn’t know what Farrakhan was about and that he (Ellison) has grown since then.

Have you written a letter assailing Ellison for being a racist and anti-Semite?

If not, John, you are an imbecile.

Even if you did, you're an imbecile

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