Thursday, September 28, 2006

Administrative BS

Some changes are coming down the pike for KAR. As we speak, the Notorious BIL is hunkered down in the Top Secret KAR Development Bunker planning super-groovy upgrades to this site. And not a moment to soon, as a recent surge in the number of header quotes (2 new ones in the last week!) is beginning to make this thunderjournal a little top-heavy. Stay tuned.

If you've looked at your calendar like I just did, you will have realized that it's election season. No not that election, the important one:

The MOB Mayoral election!

Yes, Bogus Doug's term is almost up. The Bogus One has made no announcement about whether or not he will seek reelection. In fact, he hasn't made an announcement about anything lately.

I will be accepting your nominations for mayoral candidates through tomorrow afternoon. If you're the narcisistic type, you may even nominate yourself. If I receive no nominations, I will make them. After a brief campaign period (or, as I like to call it, a "Smack and Slander Festival"), I will hold the election.

Remember: the MAWB Squad could comeback at any time. The future of a vibrant MOB democracy (MOBocracy?) rests in your hands.

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