Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Becky Lourey bags another wacko's vote

Jerry Meusburger of St. Paul has developed a questionnaire to help us decide who should get our vote. It is comprehensive, in terms of hitting all the Leftwing hot-buttons, and more than a little revealing.

I am now convinced that Liberals have a serious mental defect that prevents them from experiencing intellectual growth past the age of 5.

For proof I offer Jerry’s questions below:

I asked Becky Lourey, "Is it liberal for everyone to have a place to live? Is it liberal that no one has to go to bed hungry? Is it liberal that everyone should be able to get a good education? Is it liberal for everyone to have health care? Is it liberal that everyone has a good job?" She answered, "No, that's just life." I'm voting for Becky Lourey.

St. Paul

My dear Jerry, the answer to each of the above is, of course, “No, but…”

No, but it is a symptom of sever mental retardation to believe government can, or should, provide any, or all, of the above to all citizens.

Attempting to do so would destroy the economy of this country – see the former USSR – and turn our great country into a third world hellhole.

My advice to Jerry and his like-minded mental midgets is simple: Find a psychiatrist who can help you separate what you want from what is possible.

In the meantime, someone lock up this overgrown child before he hurts someone.

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