Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carnival of the Chowderhead Juvenile Hacks #4 - A Concerted Effort?

On Friday Mike Brodkorb wrote that another one of the DFL Shrieking Child Hack Bloggers had called the Kennedy campaign to inquire about their website's security. Naturally, the idiot in question characterized it as a vicious smear attack tactic.

TANGENTIAL QUESTION: If Brodkorb wrote "puppies are cute, except when they poop on your shoe" would that be a vicious smear as well.

TANGENTIAL ANSWER: If you're a diseased left-wing hack who regards politics not so much as a civic duty than as a religion, then yes.

A commenter to that post - again on Friday, September 22 - wrote (KAT Joe Tucci):

Tread lightly, mister. If you want to dance, we’ll dance, but if you’re seriously trying to say Patrick is being “unethical” by pursuing a story…well, you’re going to be opening yourself up to a world of hurt.

After all, wasn’t it you, just the other day, who told us “nimrods” that the problem with Klobuchar was “hypocricy?”

Andrea Dworkin

(A pseudonym has been used to protect the creepy.)

At the time, this comment made me think that this commenter, Andrea Dworkin, knew about some dirt on Brodkorb. Four days later, the twits at MNPooplius - not the same blog that Dworkin writes for - "broke" their "story". Dworkin's seemingly innocuous comment hilariously laced with bravado, appears now to be prophetic. And if you have any experience with Dworkin's blogging, you know that "prophetic" would be one of the words you would never use to describe it.

And didn't it seem that the usual suspects in the Left-Wing Shrieking Midget Hack-o-Sphere seemed to add their two cents rather quickly?

Funny how that worked out.

Although, I have to say that the "revelation" that Brodkorb did a project for the Bachmann campaign isn't likely to put him into a "world of hurt". More like a "world of slight itchiness from not wiping your butt well enough."

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