Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carnival of the Shrieking Children #3 - Let's Talk About Cred, Shall We?

The lifeform behind Minnesota Democrats Exposed wannabe site "Minnesota Republican Watch" starts throwing around rhetoric and loaded terms of which he obviously doesn't know the meaning:

Minnesota Democrats Exposed was founded on conflict of interest and non-disclosure. Considering that history, it's not surprising to see that new questions are now surfacing regarding those very same issues.

Now my experience with the term "conflict of interest" comes from the legal, high-falootin' usage of that term. Be that as it may, unless words don't mean things any more, it's safe to assume that the DFL bobo (unpaid, I'm sure - does it matter?) quoted above is asserting that there is a conflict inherent in a relationship involving Brodkorb.

Between whom, exactly? Let's examine the interests:

Mark Kennedy Campaign = get Republican Mark Kennedy elected.

Republican Activist Michael Brodkorb = Get Republicans (like Mark Kennedy) elected.

I see no conflict there. Let's try another:

Michele Bachmann Campaign = Get Michele Bachmann Elected

Republican Activist Mike Brodkorb = Get Republicans (like Michele Bachmann) elected.

Nothing there either.


Could he/she/it be talking about the conflict between known Republican Activist Mike Brodkorb and his readers - presumably a bunch of brain-dead ignoramuses that somehow believe that a site called "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" will provide them with detatched, balanced coverage of current events?

So either the hundreds of folks who read MDE are a bunch of flaming morons or the tool at MRW is.

I know who my money's on.

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