Thursday, September 07, 2006

Does the CIA say, “Please”?

Lotsa stuff coming out about the dirtballs being transferred to Gitmo and the stuff we learned from “interrogating” them. Not to mention the accommodations they enjoyed until recently.

Thank God for CIA prisons and those who work there. I feel safe knowing we have people on our side that can inflict the pain – mental and physical – necessary to extract valuable, life saving information from the Islamic pigs that’ve put the crosshairs on the forehead every non-Muslim. And if a few brains are scrambled, or if a few of the bastards are killed in the process, so be it.

I wonder if the Left in this country and around the world believes the slimy Islamic bastards willingly gave up information.

Do the brain-dead Lefties think interrogators used the magic word to get these assholes to talk, or are they savvy enough to realize that you gotta kick some ass to get what you want?

I’m in favor of doing what needs to be done. I hate to think we would suffer another attack that might have been prevented with a few bamboo shoots.

What really has me baffled, and perhaps it shouldn’t, is why the Left continues to be blind to the evil that wants them dead – the Religion of Peace.

The only way to win this thing is to kill as many of them as possible, so we might as well start with the ones we already have, after we’ve emptied their brains of course.

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