Friday, September 01, 2006

The First Annual Semiannual Monthly Daily(?) KAR Moron Mail Awards

The nominees in the category of Most Hackneyed Use of a Tired Slur and/or Selective Outrage are...

Bev Cockroath for Rummie is a Nazi, St. Paul Pioneer Press:

I found a scary irony in Donald Rumsfeld's assertion that we as a nation are confronting "a new type of fascism." Consider the following: On Aug. 19, 1934, Hitler was elected to power in Germany. Out of concern for "radical" elements, he founded the Department of Homeland Security (which was later renamed the Gestapo). In "flag waving" speeches with swastikas visible everywhere, the dangers of societal radicals were extolled. In various "patriot act" measures, civil rights, including rights of privacy, freedoms of speech and the press, were gradually curtailed en route to Hitler declaring himself dictator.

Rumsfeld is right; America may be facing a new type of fascism. Unfortunately, it's coming from the administration for which he works.


...BJ Noggin for The Bush Admionistration are Nazis!, Star Tribune...

So Rumsfeld is comparing critics to those who appeased the Nazis. I'm not a history major, but consider:

The Nazis were elected without a popular majority, had a genius dispensing propaganda (Goebbels), deprived a minority group of their rights (Jews), implemented a domestic warrantless surveillance program to combat an external threat (Communists) and eventually wound up in a war that included the Middle East (Egypt).

The Bush administration was elected without a popular majority, has a genius dispensing propaganda (Rove), is attempting to deprive a minority group of their rights (gays), has implemented a domestic warrantless surveillance program to combat an external threat (terrorists) and is in a war that includes the Middle East (Iraq).

Based on the above similarities, I would argue that silent complicity with the administration is the equivalent of appeasing the Nazis.


...And finally, from the Selective Outrage category, Chris Madmax for Ted Stevens (R -AK) is an Evil Republican Obstructionist!, Letter of the Day - Star Tribune:

If you went down to your local hardware store and they didn't have prices on any of their products, you might think twice about shopping there. If you went ahead and bought a hammer there and your credit card said it was $500, you'd be mad as hell and probably never shop there again. Well, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has blocked a bill to make public the spending patterns of our government.

In this so-called shining example of democracy known as the United States of America, government spending should be open for citizen review. How else are Americans to know whether or not we are being robbed blind? Stevens should be ashamed for blocking the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act. Then again, shameful acts are par for the course in this Congress.


And the "winner" is...

Chris Madmax - Ted Stevens (R-AK) is an Evil Republican Obstructionist!!!!!

VOICEOVER: This is Madmax's first award. The Academy awarded him for techincal merit: that is, accusing a member of the party opposite for doing something untoword while completely ignoring a member of the Democratic Party who did exactly the same thing. The Academy wonders if Madmax had comparable disparate outrage when Trent Lott made his imfamous comments about Strom Thurman while a former Klansman remains a high-ranking Democrat member of the Senate.

Congratulations Chris. Display your trophy proudly. You are the very first winner of KAR's "Gilded Turd Award!"

P.S. To see what the Gilded Turd Trophy actually is, click here. (KAT to the Butt Brutha.)

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