Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Glorious Heroic Leftybloggers Protect the Stupider Citizens of the World from Dishonest Charlatan Attack Bloggers!!!

Our counterparts in the left wing of the local blogosphere have done us all a great service. Let us applaud them now.


For you see, up until yesterday, when I read "Minnesota Democrats Exposed," I thought I was getting a fair and balanced accounting of the news of the day in Minnesota politics. And while there always was a twinge of suspicion in the back of my mind caused by the fact that I only read about misdeeds from the DFL and not the Republican party on "Minnesota Democrats Exposed," I just figured that Republicans simply weren't doing anything wrong.

Because if "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" wasn't telling the whole story, who would?

Oh sure, I knew that Michael Brodkorb, the so-called "Minnesota Democrat Exposer," works at a PR firm that has primarily Republican clients, had done opposition research for the Republican party, and is a paid part-time consultant to (Republican) Mark Kennedy's Senate campaign. But with a blog name like "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" how could he do anything other than provide the whole unvarnished dirt, regardless of which political party the dirt covered?

But then, my world was shattered yesterday when some enterprising young chaps (with absolutely no prompting or outside help from any particular political organization, I'm sure) discovered that the "Minnesota Democrat Exposer," paid consultant to the Mark Kennedy campaign, actually took a one-time consulting fee from Michele Bachmann's campaign!

How could the proprietor of "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" be so blatantly partisan (I mean other than his work with the Kennedy campaign and his past work for the MN Republican party)? Obviously I can't now expect "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" to be independant, fair and balanced. All this time "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" was only dishing dirt on Minnesota Democrats, while ignoring all those skeletons in the Republican closet! And now we know why: he was on Michele Bachmann's payroll.

I guess I'm going to have to find another more independant, objective and fair blog from which I can glean the latest Minnesota campaign poop from a fair and unbiased source.

Hmm. This one called "Centrisity" sounds like just the fair, non-partisan, independant, right down the middle type of blog that would never ever result to partisan hackery. There's no way a sobriquet like "Centrisity" could whitewash any partisan leanings the way the name "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" did!

UPDATE: Strike that last graf. Same shit. Different blog. Except that he's not paid by a campaign (as far as we know). And here I was led to believe he was a "Centrist;" not a DFL bobo.

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