Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to conduct a lousy campaign

Mark Kennedy is likely to get his ass kicked in November and he has no one to blame but himself.

He is the most inarticulate politician to come down the pike in some time. He’s a lousy campaigner who’s surrounded himself with a lousy campaign staff.

One need only read this nonsense to see why he will be unemployed come January. For months the Kennedy campaign has been taking shots at Klobuchar’s history as a lobbyist who now wants to remove the special interests from the political process.

But in an effort to keep alive the now-dead story of one of their TV adds being lifted from an agency web site, Kennedy’s people are claiming the contents are being used to poll people about Klobuchar’s past.

Here is the “smoking gun”:

The unfinished ad, screened for Capitol reporters by Shortridge on Tuesday, used cartoon frames to assail Klobuchar for having been a registered lobbyist before she became Hennepin County attorney.

A letter to Kennedy from former GOP Gov. Al Quie, dated Tuesday, said Quie had been called Sept. 19 by a pollster asking whether knowledge of Klobuchar's lobbyist past made a difference in how he would cast his vote.

Kennedy’s campaign manager, Pat Shortridge is an idiot to think this one will stick. They’ve been beating up Klobuchar for weeks – if not months – over her former profession and trying to connect the “theft” of the commercial to the new polling is ridiculous.

Klobuchar campaign manager Ben Goldfarb called the allegation, “"an absurd, baseless attack from a desperate campaign."

He’s right.

Kennedy is sunk and Minnesota’s US Senators will continue to cancel each other’s votes.
I wonder if Department 56 will take him back.

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