Thursday, September 14, 2006

If You Needed Any More Proof that Polls Are Pornography for Paste-Eating Losers and Propaganda for Flailing Campaigns... on.

Every lefty blog in Minnesota has picked up on this little nugget from a blog that has a name that starts with the word "Dump" (and will therefore have it's link spoofed), and spun it as "proof" that John Kline's 2nd CD seat is up for grabs:

This came out of a MN Gubernatorial and US Congress polling by the coordinated campaign. It's for SD38 (numbers from other SDs in CD2 are showing similar results). It shows what we've suspected all along: the CD2 Congressional race is much tighter and Kline's seat is at risk. Which would explain (but not excuse) Kline's repeated negative attacks. The polling shows:For all voters:

Rowley 42%
Kline 45 %
Undecided 13%

No links to a source...

Data from a single district...

That went to Kerry in the 2004 election.

I'm pretty sure of that, anyway: the 38th is comprised mostly of Eagan. Here, do the math yourself. I haven't got the time. Besides, Nonmonkey himself told us morons who voted for Bush that Eagan went to Kerry shortly after the election, so it must be true.

And really, it's not so surprising to this former Eagander. Those of us who needed larger homes to shelter our expanding families had to move south to Apple Valley, Rosemount and Farmington to find a decent dwelling at an affordable price. We were replaced by self-indulgent permanent empty-nesters who have no problem spending $200k for a two bedroom split level townhouse. Any guesses as to how that demographic votes?

But don't take my word for it: drive around the district and look at all the moonbat lawn signs. Including the assault on aesthetics that is Rowley's.

So actually, if you want to be honest, Rowley down 3% in a district that voted for John Kerry just 2 years ago should be alarming to her bobos.

And I wonder why they just mention that district. Oh sure, the moonbat says:

numbers from other SDs in CD2 are showing similar results

Oh, OK. We'll take your word on that.

Or, back here on Earth, the likely truth is that the only other district she is leading in is Northfield, with its large cache of moonbat college students.

One more thing: this line here made me laugh:

Which would explain (but not excuse) Kline's repeated negative attacks.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Kline's "negative attacks," they always follow the same pattern:

1) Rowley's campaign, or a staffer thereof, does something sleazy, stupid or suspicious.

2) Kline's campaign calls them on it.

3) Rowley's campaign sends an e-mail to to all her shrieking monkeys in the local blogosphere apprising them of the latest "outrageous" response from the Kline campaign.

4) Shrieking monkeys dutifully accuse Kline campaign of sliming Rowley or cruelly picking on some poor, unpaid campaign volunteer.

5) Repeat.

Stop deluding yourselves. Kline wins this race by 7 to 10 points.

UPDATE TO AVOID APPEARING DISINGENUOUS: It should be noted that John Kline hammered his DFL opponent, Whatzerface, in Eagan in 2004. Or at least I think he did. Again, I haven't got the time. You do the math.

UPDATE (WITH MATH!): Our old pal Sisyphus did the tabulations. He even included a spreadsheet. His summary:

In Senate District 38, Kerry edged Bush 50-49.

Kline won by about 9, 53-44.

In the entire 2nd Congressional District, Bush won by 9, 54-45.

Kline won by 16, 56-40.

Senate District 38 accounted for 11.23% of the votes cast in the second Congressional District race in 2004.

Clearly SD38 is less Republican than the rest of the district.

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