Friday, September 01, 2006

Incest leads to severe mental illness

I’m finally beginning to understand why the editorial board at the Star & Sickle is displaying advanced and severe symptoms of mental illness. They are practicing incest. Not in the traditional sense, mind you, but incest none the less.

Their off-base, bile-filled, inaccurate, rants against all things not Socialist are a result of them reading only that which feeds their incestuous desires.

They purposely sleep with their own stories to avoid looking for someone outside the family.

If they were really interested in providing commentary based on facts, and I don’t mean the facts they want to exist but those that actually do, they would read this and this and this and this by Christopher Hitchens (For Hitchens’ sake he should hope no one on the Left reads his Plamegate writings because they will put a price on his head).

Here is a man who has lived most of his life as a Socialist and yet he is defending the Bush Administration’s policy in Iraq, hardly a safe position for someone on the Left.

The Star & Sickle Editorial Board would to well to pull out of their disease-ridden hole they reside in and inject a little outside thought.

The incest they practice is causing a daily increase in their mental retardation.

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