Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Joe Tucci Post Stirs Outrage in Blogosphere

KAR has received an unprecedented number of complaints and angry e-mails in the wake of Joe Tucci's account of Saturday's MOB Gala. Here are just a few samples.

Some folks thought that Tucci didn't tell the whole story:

Dave C. writes:

How dare you snub me. I met John Tucci. Why didn't he mention me? That e-mail bears no resemblance to reality! I demand that Tucci either correct this omission or KAR pull the post altogether!

And this from Ben W.,

I am outraged! Not only does Joe Tucci call me a "pansy ass white boy," but his account was totally lacking content. By my calculations, Tucci was at the MOB party for about three hours, yet it only took me 5 minutes to read his report. What gives? Why is there so much left out? What are you all hiding? I demand that Joe Tucci either revise his e-mail to include everything he saw at Keegan's that night or KAR pull the post altogether!

And Paul writes us:

Hey, I met Joe Tucci too! Why didn't he mention me? Notre Dame rules!

Obviously, Joe Tucci cannot recount everything he experienced in a short e-mail. Especially since, as in Paul's case, Tucci only saw many people for but a fleeting moment before said persons had to return to the train station to retrieve the spouse he had 20 minutes earlier abandoned there so he could go to a bar and have one beer. I think you guys should cut Tucci just a little bit of slack.

Others were appalled at Tucci's crass manner. Geoff F. complains:

Joe Tucci is a misogynistic pig. How dare he revel in the patriarchal double-standard by using terms like "chick" to refer to glorious womyn! And how dare he advocate violence against womyn by advising a fellow wingnut to "smack that ass". KAR continues to oppress and degrade womyn by giving patriarchal oppressors like Joe Tucci a forum! As a member of the inferior gender (male), I am deeply deeply offended. I demand you edit Joe Tucci's report to exclude all references to womyn or, better yet, pull the post in it's entirety!

David S seemed incensed:

I'm not fat! I'm a letch!

Well, OK; I'm a little chubby.

Eva Y. sent me this bizarre rebuke:


I don't recall seeing any "evil weeble" at Keegan's. And I talked to everybody. I was the one who knew that the rediculous looser Michael Brodkorb was the Drama Queen before anyone elese did - even Michele Bachmann. I demand that you edit out the part about the evil weeble or better yet pull the post. And read my blog

Obviously there was some sort of weeble there that night because Tucci kept mentioning one. However, describing the weeble as "evil" may be a touch too judgemental. I will edit out the term "evil" and replace it with a more objective adjective to describe the weeble.

Everything else stays.

Finally, Andy writes in:

Toochees storee aboot teh MOB partee was total ficshun! Dispite what he sez, he did knot meet me out on teh patio, but inside teh bar. And he also left out taht hee rubbed my head alot and how my fuzzy hed turns teh chicks on! I demand taht you either edit teh post to mak it more akyoorate acyarat accyerite right, or pull teh post altogheter.

And for some reason, Andy linked us to a video message from his girlfriend Petunia to support the fact (which I don't think Tucci ever disputed) that his fuzzy head turns chicks on.

While I don't think that most of these complaints merit any changes - let alone a lengthy post that could better be dedicated to moron letters to the editor - I think it would be wise to put a disclaimer before Tucci's e-mail, in addition to the few necessary edits. It shall be done in short order.

UPDATE: The post has now been edited.

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