Monday, September 11, 2006

Naiveté is his forte

Peter Benson of North Oaks must’ve inherited his money, because he’s too damned dumb to earn enough to live in the high-priced suburb.

I’ve read some really asinine letters before, but this one is special – as in special needs:

Yet somehow, we managed to get through each of these prior threats without secret prisons, or secret courts with secret evidence. Now we have warrantless domestic wiretapping, "extraordinary rendition," indefinite detention of citizens without charge and "alternate interrogation techniques." This is America?

Yes, Peter, it is.

I’m not a great student of history, but Peter must’ve been jacking-off the day his teacher covered President Lincoln and the Habeas Corpus controversy.

Time for you to grow up, Peter. Time for you to realize the the government sometimes keeps secrets and, believe it or not, it is for your own good. If you want complete visibility to what is happening in goverment, perhaps you should run for President.

To my knowlege we've never had a child in the Oval Office. Will you install a sandbox?

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