Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Pot meets the Kettle

The SPPP editorial board is miffed at the anti-smoking zealots that call themselves the “Association for Nonsmokers” (formerly MPATT). What has them pissed is best described by the following paragraph from their self-righteous editorial:

An Aug. 30 press release by the Association of Nonsmokers not only expressed a conclusion about the air quality in St. Paul bars and restaurants that was based on insufficient data, the Association and ClearWay, which commissioned the study, withheld data relevant to the issue but contrary to their pro-ban position.

Forgive me for not being surprised that the Association of Nonsmokers would not tell the truth about the results of their study. Very little, if any, truth has been told by the anti-smoking zealots in this entire debate – including the BS EPA study on secondhand smoke that was “Enroned” until the data showed the desired results.

As I said, I’m not surprised that the Association put out a press release that supported their side of the debate while hiding data that would work against it. I’m also not surprised that they didn’t want to release their raw data – any scientist who’s confident in their data is happy to have others study it.

I do have something to say to those who make editorial decisions at the SPPP.

Nice ass-covering. Someone(s) at your paper decided to publish a press release without substantiating the assertions and now you find out the release was, at best, filled with half truths and, at worst, outright lies.

If the science is so solidly behind the Association – and the SPPP editorial board – why did the former find it necessary to lie about the results of their study?

How many other bullshit-filled press releases have gotten past your editors because the study confirmed the paper’s stance on a particular subject?

Does this little episode help you understand why the general public doesn’t trust the MSM?

When the Sierra Club hands you a press release decrying the billions of gallons of gas that enter the atmosphere because of lawnmower tank overfilling will you raise an eyebrow and say, “Prove it.”?

The Association for Nonsmokers did what most would expect; spin the results of their own study to prove their point.

If the SPPP wants to find a villain here, they should look inside to those who made the decision to print the release without questioning the studies results or how they were arrived at.

Clearly the SPPP was derelict in their duty.


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