Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Star & Sickle and Diversity

The Star & Sickle never ceases to amaze. Faced with the challenge of endorsing a DFL candidate for the 5th Congressional District, one would think they would use this opportunity to make a statement by selecting either the Black Muslim or the white woman.


They’ve come to the conclusion that the best replacement for the old white man Leftist is a young white man Leftist.

These phonies sit around a conference table drinking coffee and lamenting the lack of diversity in the halls of Congress.

They long for the day when we will have a diversity of voices (read race) and ideas (read gender) yet, given the chance to endorse that which they seek, they opt for the status quo.

Do you think they see the irony?

Of course they don’t. They can’t, they are completely blind to it because they, and the rest of the Left, live in a fantasy world made of contradictions: As long as one believes in Leftist ideals one can act as they wish, even if it is contrary to those ideal.

Bill Clinton supports abortion on demand so the Left gave him a pass on swinging his dong in front of Paula Jones and having that same member serviced by Monica in the Oval office.

Al Gore crisscrosses the earth to spread his warnings of man-made environmental doom so his Lefty friends don’t mind that he spews airplane exhaust to do it. The same goes for all Barbara Streisand and the rest of the hypocrites.

Nice gig, if you can get it. But I don’t think my conscience would allow me to live that way.

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