Friday, September 29, 2006

They have no self control

Like the petulant little brat who curses at you under his breath as he walks away from another scolding, the PHPs at the Star & Sickle are bereft of all self-control.

They are petulant big brats who can’t get through an editorial without giving the GOP a shot in the ribs.

The editorial talks about the spirit of cooperation that helped land the convention: Minneapolis and St. Paul (both governed by unapologetic Socialists) coming together with a Republican governor and senator.

It goes on to say that voters will not likely change their votes because of the convention, but having it will certainly help the local economy and, if it is well run, will set up the Twin Cities for future events.

Nice stuff, really. Makes you feel all warm like hot butterscotch running down your front.

Then, like an impulsive toddler, they open wide and bite:

Rather than turning the Midwest "redder," we'd like to see the Republican Party, perhaps by osmosis, take on our shade of Minnesota purple. The party has lurched far to the right in recent years. Maybe a visit to the Twin Cities can inspire moderation and a regaining of equilibrium.

Moderate this, assholes. The PHPs have no desire for moderation, unless you define Socialist ideology as moderate.

If they were children the PHPs would all deserve a bare-assed spanking with a wooden spoon for this one. Can any of you imagine them saying the same about the Democrats, “They’ve lurched far to the left in recent years”?

Howard Dean (evidence of the far left lurch) has a better chance of becoming president.

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