Wednesday, September 20, 2006

They have to be nuts

And I don’t just mean nuts like crazy Aunt Alice. I mean wacko, out of their minds, certifiable insane.

The PHPs at the Star & Sickle have proven again, as if we needed them to, why they do not now and never will take serious the threats from the Islamofascist dirtballs looking to kill every one of us.

They refer to the killing, burning, rioting slime as “hotheads”.

Where the hell does that come from? Hotheads?

This is not some playground scuffle between a couple of kids. The “hotheads” want us dead. They want to kill everyone who doesn’t want to worship Allah.

What don’t the PHPs understand:

Whereupon some Islamic hotheads took to burning buildings, attacking people and, in a now tiresome, worn tirade, pledging to convert every human being to Islam or lop off their heads.

What the F&%$ is this? They don’t get it. They really are that stupid. They’ve seen the videos of beheadings and they still don’t believe it. This isn’t ignorant, this is just plain dangerous.

Someone should sit the hotheads down, read them a few of the outrageous statements individual Muslim leaders have made in recent years about Christianity or Judaism ... and suggest they gauge the relative heat of the pope's words.

That oughta do it. Just sit ‘em down and have a little heart to heart. Of course your heart will be on a skewer roasting over a campfire.

Do these ignorant asses read their own newspaper? Why do they not take the murdering scum at their word: “Death to America”?

If the Leftists this group endorses are elected…

…We’re fucked.

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