Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Wellstone wacko surfaces

Known primarily for his “acting” ability, local boy Josh Hartnett is now discussing the possibility that Senator Paul Wellstone was assassinated.

Taking the Howard Dean approach to simultaneously dismissing and spreading conspiracy theories (“I’m don’t believe it, but others are saying the Saudis warned Bush about 9/11 and he did nothing to stop it.”), Minnesota’s own Mr. MENSA had this to say to GQ (well known for it’s political reporting):

"It was really, really suspicious, but I don't even want to think that. I just hope it's not true, because that would just be so, so, so wrong."

"He's angry, and he's not convinced that pilot error or mechanical failure or fog was to blame for the crash," writes GQ's Alex Pappademas, who noted that Hartnett "points out how close the race was, how Republicans were hell-bent on winning control of the Senate, how George W. Bush" made several visits to Minnesota "to support Wellstone's opponent, Norm Coleman."

Now there’s some evidence any good conspiracy hound can sink their teeth into: A close race, control of the Senate at stake, and visits by the President. All of that must add up to assassination.

Shit, I’m convinced. Draw up arrests warrants for Coleman, W, Rove and any other complicit party.

I think the klieg lights have melted Josh’s brain.

Not to be outdone, writer Alex Pappademas also gets into the act:

"I have a lot of friends who are from Minnesota, and I quizzed them on it, like On a scale of 1 to 10, how out there is this belief? I don't think anybody believes there is really foul play, necessarily. But a lot of people are suspicious.

So now we have Josh, Alex, Garrison and the nutcase professor from UMD, all on the Wellstone conspiracy bandwagon.

I wonder why this “story” doesn’t get any traction.

Here’s the bottom line for these four and any other freaks: Small plane, shitty weather, bad pilots, ‘nuff said.

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