Monday, October 16, 2006

As God as my witness Part II

I’ve not made a habit of responding to comments, but am making an exception in this case.

Matt took exception to this post and my disgust at the notion of the schools taking it upon themselves to teach what is and is not acceptable when discussing lifestyles.

Matt thinks I am filled with hate, because I took dramatic exception to a letter printed in Friday’s Star & Sickle (the link to which appears to be broken):

I'm a parent too. Of wonderful loving children. You guys sure carry a load of hatred around. It must be miserable. Oh yeah... did you enjoy church today? Did you actually listen, or just make sure you were seen?

Matt has no idea what I teach my children about homosexuals, but concludes that I must hate them if I don’t want schools teaching “the diversity of sexual orientation”, as George puts it in his letter.

The world inhabited by Matt and George is an interesting one. In their simple minds, if I disagree with Keith Ellison I’m a racist and anti-Muslim. If I’m against the teaching of “the diversity of sexual orientation” (DSO) in school I’m homophobic.

It sure as hell makes it easy to dismiss those who disagree with you when you can paint them as hate-filled.

Again, Matt is completely ignorant about what I teach my children and his conclusion proves it. What scares me more than the curriculum is George’s assertion that I don’t know how to be a parent and that:

Teaching about diversity of sexual orientation is but one of many topics that schools and society must present to all children and, when necessary, parents as well.

Get thee to the reeducation camp and learn the ways of the enlightened.

See, because Matt is on board with the teaching of DSO in school, the thought of being summoned by the school board and force-fed the lessons seems reasonable.

After all, we can’t leave it to parents to explain homosexuality and that, even if we find their sexual orientation to go against societal norms, they are still people who deserve to be treated with respect.

And we certainly can’t leave it to parents to teach their children that there are many types of sexual lifestyles and, no matter how outside the norm they are, as long as it goes on between consenting adults, in private and does not break any laws, it is between the adults.

Bottom line, DSO is far too important a subject to leave to parents. Therefore the lessons must come from government and government-run schools.

So I ask Matt, and I hope he responds, what subjects, other than religion, should be left to parents and parents alone?

What about your own kids, what subjects do you find out of bounds for schools to teach your kids?

If you can find even one subject that falls into the “that ain’t the job of schools” category I want you to reread George’s words and imagine your reaction:

Teaching about (place subject here) is but one of many topics that schools and society must present to all children and, when necessary, parents as well.

If you do this, you may come to understand that this isn’t about hate. It’s about wanting to retain some rights when it comes to educating my children.

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