Friday, October 13, 2006

As God as my witness

I don’t know where to go with this one. Every time I read it I get more pissed of at this jerk.

The jerk, George Hutchinson of Minneapolis, is one of the diversity-above-all-and-if-you-don’t-teach-it-to-your-kids-government-will, types who want to make sure his vision of society is shoved down the throats of our kids, “and when necessary parents”.

And if you object, well, fuck you, because George and his government loving, Tolerance preaching, diversity whores know best.

Parents who claim that schools are undermining their authority over their kids need to actually begin doing some real parenting.

Would it be too harsh to call George a condescending prick? Who the fuck is this jackass and where does he get the authority to tell others how to raise their kids? Maybe he turned over his children to the State at birth, but most of us prefer to instill our own values and morals rather than let a bunch of card-carrying members of Education Minnesota warp their brains with their Leftist crap.

Teaching about diversity of sexual orientation is but one of many topics that schools and society must present to all children and, when necessary, parents as well.

This is the big “Fuck You” to every parent in Minnesota. Not only does George advocate indoctrinating our children, he’ll see to it that any uppity parents are taken to the reeducation camps and beaten until they agree with his view of the world.

(Side note: I bet George is concerned about W’ “shredding” the Constitution, yet will never recognize the irony in this.)

I’d love to ask this brainless twit what other “topics” he would like taught in school: How about sadomasochism, or screwing dogs, cows and small woodland creatures. Is anything out of bounds?

Would it be too harsh to tell him to, as non-monkey put it today, mind his own beeswax?

Parents who feel threatened by topics such as these are themselves victims of narrow-minded, homophobic influences which seem to be all too prevalent.

He’s back to his condescending prickness: Threatened, narrow-minded, homophobic.

Go to hell, George.

We simply want the freedom to pass along our values to our children without having government-run schools undermine our ability to raise our children our way.

I don’t give a damn who lives with whom, who screws whom, or who screws what.

What I care about is public schools teaching my kids that having two moms or two dads is no different than having a mom and a dad, because it is pure bullshit.

2+2=4, but George and Alan do not equal Mom & Dad and I don’t want my kids being taught that it does.

What’s going on here should scare the hell out of every parent with a kid in the public schools. Not because of the subject matter, but because of the way in which the school has be dismissive of the parents and their concerns.

This is a story that should not die until parents are given a voice in their children’s education.

George, well, he can’t die soon enough for me.

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