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Michael Brodkorb is the spawn of Lucifer himself, worse in all respects than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ed Gein and Ronald Reagan; Mark Kennedy remains a massive tool

The heroic rapscallions at MNPooplius (1) dropped a bombshell right on Michael Brodkorb's big fat ugly head last week, revealing that the Republican PR flack, paid Mark Kennedy campaign consultant and long-time Republican activist, did some paid work for the Michele Bachmann campaign once. I for one have grown weary of party hacks peddling their little smears to an unsuspecting public. This is not how blogs should be. A real blog would, uh...


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UPDATE: OK, we're back online now. Unfortunately, this edition of the "Blog Mart" will not be coming back. Sorry about that. It appears that the sheer volume of parody emanating from this Blog Mart, last week's edition and the actual target of the parody - this week's blog house - caused a surge in the KAR Parody Circuits and ended up blowing a transformer.

Unfortunately, when that happens, it's a good indication that a running gag has "jumped the shark." That is to say, I could have cut & pasted last week's Blog Mart into this space, and it would have still been an almost perfect "A to A, B to B" parody of this week's "Blog House." What's worse, I could have cut & pasted this week's actual "Blog House" into this space, and 90% of those who read it would have thought it to be a spot-on parody.

The result would be a mass of confusion: which one is the real blog house? Are they all blog marts? Is LearnedFoot so desperate for material that he snuck into Tim O'Brien's office and replaced the actual Blog House with an absurd facsimile thereof, just so he'd have some low-hanging fruit to hammer around for a couple of days?

To tell you the truth, I don't even know anymore. When going back and forth between this piece and O'Brien's, I lost track as to which was which. The circuits tripped, and you just saw what happened.

Just look at what I had to work with this week:

Brodkorb is a nice guy. But he's not credible on this issue. He needs to be upfront about what his blog is.


And, in light of these facts, to argue that it is anything but a paid advertisement for the GOP is disingenuous at best, and, at worst, a lie. Caesar's wife should be above suspicion.


If Brodkorb is going to make a career out of "exposing Democrats" by twisting their words and concocting half-truths, then he'd best have his house in order.

That last one is the best.

No, the shrieking children on the left don't give a damn about whether or not Brodkorb's connected or not (those of us who have an IQ above that of drywall already know the answer to that). What they do care about is that he's effective. He's shed light on stories that O'Brien's paper was either unaware of, or reluctant to cover. His payment or non-payment by the party or campaigns thereof have nothing to do with the fact that he's very connected, and that most of the poop he gets on the Dems are the fruit of his own shoe leather or his sources within the Democrat party.

And let's face it: do you really think that anyone's stupid enough to get fooled into believing they're getting balanced, non-muckraked political "news" from a blog named "Minnesota Democrats Exposed"?

Perhaps if MDE used a moniker like "MNPublius" or "Centrisity" or "Minnesota Monitor" or "The Blog House" - a name that alludes to some erudite or fair coverage of current events and politics - maybe all those sanctimonious hacks flinging accusations and aspersions might be able to make the case that MDE was being sneaky.

But in reality, they're no different than Brodkorb, save for two things:

1) Unlike Brodkorb, they're totally ineffective any any scale beyond their 200 hits per day.

2) As far as we know, they aren't getting paid.

Propaganda is propaganda, whether it's subsidized or not; whether it's on a blog or in "The Blog House". But by all means, let's continue this discussion about who's being up front with whom.

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