Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blue Oyster Cult Can Teach Us a Lot About Another Effect of KAR's Nuclear Test

BILL: Foot? Come in Foot.

LEARNEDFOOT: Foot here. What up, Moeshia?

BILL: I'm getting a reading from Bogus Doug!

LF: What's his status?

BILL: Well...the blast didn't kill him like I thought...

LF: That's excellent news! How's he doin'?

BILL: Uh, he ain't right.

LF: Do tell...

BILL: The radiation seems to have...

LF: Have what? Spit it out!

BILL: Um, Bogus Doug appears to have mutated into a horrible giant lizard.

LF: [Shaking head in shame] History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.

BILL: Oh no! There goes Tokyo!

LF: ...

LF: Listen, Bill. I've got a couple more posts in the chute that I'll get out today, then I'm going to leave the state for a while...

BILL: Do whatever you gotta do, man.

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