Thursday, October 05, 2006

Busted Hyman

The Star & Sickle has printed a letter from an immensely stupid individual. How stupid is Vincent Hyman of West St. Paul? Read for yourself:

In the name of "security," our Senate has gone along with a brutal administration to give the president the right to detain for life any alien it wishes. The person held does not even have the right to challenge his own imprisonment. The president also has the right to have this person tortured, within "limits."

Imagine the outrage if Iran declared its right to seize any American, hold him or her indefinitely, and without the right to challenge. All Americans are now complicit in this evil, whether or not we support it. Mark my words, historians of the future will look at this era with pure revulsion. We need senators and representatives willing to stand up for the real freedoms upon which this country was built, and which once served to inspire others.


Hey Vincent, shut your yap for a minute and read what you wrote.

There’s a reason the Democrats have no credibility on the issue of national security: idiots like you open your mouths and prove just how moronic the base is.

There was a time – not so long ago – when the words like “brutal administration” were reserved for the old Soviet Union, the Taliban, Nazi Germany, etc.

Using them in reference to any, repeat any US Presidential administration is evidence of a shallow, imbecilic mind. You, Hyman, possess just such a mind.

(You must have been sporting a tremendous boner when Dick Durbin gave his frothing-at-the-mouth speech equating Gitmo to Soviet gulags and Nazi concentration camps.)

It’s brain-dead Leftists like you who predicted Wild West gun fights in the streets of Minneapolis if the conceal carry bill passed. I’m still waiting.

Why in the hell should anyone listen to your ranting about the brutal administration and W’s carte blanche permission to start rounding up aliens and throwing them in prison?

Are you expecting jackbooted thugs to march through the streets and kick in doors looking for illegals?

If so, you are more of an idiot than I first thought.

And what’s this shit about Iran? Have you been reading the papers? Do you ever listen to the news? Iran has already declared that Israel must be destroyed.

Hear that, asshole? They don’t want to simply seize and detain people, they want to destroy an entire race.

And don't worry about Americans being held indefinately. The Islamofascists in Iran will keep them long enough to put out a few videos, the last of which will feature a brutal beheading.

Tell me Vincent, how does your moral equivalency bullshit hold up now?

You are an anti-American, blind-assed, fuck-knob Vincent.

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