Wednesday, October 18, 2006


So what the hell just happened there?

At approximately 2100 last night, I received an e-mail from an individual purporting to be Joe Tucci requesting blogging rights on KAR. Since I admired Mr. Tucci's work over at Residual Froces, I didn't think twice about signing him up. I absentmindedly copy & pasted the reply e-mail address into the invite field on KAR's Blogspot account, and sent off the invitation.

Had I been more careful, I would have noticed that, while the e-mail was signed "Joe Tucci," the e-mail was sent from an account named "norwgianliberalyutz (at)" There's no way Tucci would use an address like that. You saw what happened next.

Of course, I anticipated that this might happen, and took the proper precautions to mitigate any attack. Given that KAR is a bastion of in-your-face conservative ThunderJournalistic excellence, I knew that we may very well become a target of the Democrat sleaze machine. It seems that many DFL bobos see themselves to be a bunch of cloak-n-dagger double agent super spies, or some such. You may have noticed it too. I mean, once is an anomaly; twice is a coincidence; but three times? That's a pattern.

So keep safe all you conservative bloggers, ThunderJournalists and campaigns. The walls have ears. And armpit hair.

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