Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Doug Grow Is the Hammer of DFL Conformity

And, oddly enough, 47 term DFL Congressman Martin Olav Sabo is today's nail.

The older I get, the more I understand how difficult it is to age gracefully.

But watching Martin Olav Sabo in the final weeks of his distinguished political career is another reminder that, hard as it is, accepting change is a worthy pursuit.

SNEAK PREVIEW: You don't know this yet, but as you read on you'll find that on Planet DFL Doug, "not accepting change" means opposing giving an ethically challenged symbol of the dementia that has seized your party a seat in Congress.

Sabo, for 28 years the Democratic congressman from Minnesota's Fifth District, has opted to leave office pouting. His personal choice to replace him, Mike Erlandson, twice was rejected by the party in favor of Keith Ellison.

Oh, he's "pouting," is he? Did it ever occur to Doogie that maybe Ellison is a bit to off the charts batshit nuts for even a lifelong DFL stalwart like Sabo?

It matters not to Doogie. All that matters is one of the sheep is - ever so slightly - wandering from the flock.

Sabo, 68, apparently has taken this as a personal insult. Not only has he refused to endorse Ellison for the seat, but he has also had his photo taken with an Ellison foe, the Independence Party's Tammy Lee, who has been using the photo in her campaign mailings. It also is prominently displayed on her website (tammyleeforcongress.com).

Well, anyone with a functioning brain should take the nomination of an ethically challenged neo-Marxist crusading bigot (HA! I can use that word too!) as an insult to the august body that is the House of Representatives. It's like the people far far far far far left-wing kool aid drinking Kos Kidz who caucused in the 5th district were sending out a big FU to the sanity and small-M moderation that Sabo - as liberal as he is - represented.

The photo is not supposed to be seen as an official endorsement. Lee, who met with Sabo on Oct. 4, said she didn't ask for that.

"You never want to ask the question you won't get the right answer to," Lee said.

Instead, she asked Sabo if she could have her photo taken with him -- and if she could use that photo in her campaign literature. He agreed, Lee said.

"Some people are calling this the silent endorsement," Lee said. "Others are saying it's the Norwegian endorsement."

Or, you might call it the gutless endorsement.

For those keeping track, the former DFL Congressman For Life Marty Sabo is:

1) Thin-skinned (the whole taking-Ellison's-endorsement-as-an-insult thing, pouting, etc.); &

2) Gutless.

..because Sabo possibly (remember - he hasn't said boo about it) doesn't believe that the DFL endorsed psychopath ought to be in Congress. That right there is high heresy to a party hack like Grow.

And that was just a running tally, there's more.

Sabo is not commenting on what the photo means, or why he refuses to support Ellison. Erlandson, a former state DFL chair, also has refused to comment on his refusal to support the man who defeated him at the party's endorsing convention in May and again in last month's primary.

Certainly, Sabo and his failed heir have a right to support whomever they want. And of course, Ellison is a flawed candidate.

And of course, you'd never know that if you only got your info from Doug Grow.

Still, Sabo's snit

So now, having your picture taken with someone running against the DFL machine is a "snit". Refusing to come out and endorse someone explicitly is a "snit".

Just as an irrelevant shot: Doogie has been known to throw snits of his own (the real kind - not the kind that he makes up to smear someone who has parted - ever so slightly - from his party's orthodoxy).

smacks of a man who has spent too much time in Washington.

...except Grow wouldn't have been able to vote for him fast enough had he run for another term, if and provided that Sabo ran under the DFL banner.

He seems to believe he's more important than the party that always supported him.


The story so far...

The soon to be retired Glorious DFL Hero of the 5th Marty Sabo is:

1) Thin skinned;

2) Gutless

3) A childish snit-thrower

4) Out of touch ("...spent too much time in Washington")

5) Arrogant

How did this guy ever win 96 terms?

This snub can't be about the way Ellison has treated Sabo. Frustrated as he must be, Ellison hasn't stopped singing Sabo's praises.

Ah. Enter the honorable, reasonable, and oh-so-gallant former Nation of Islam shill and all around scofflaw. Er, I mean, the DFL endorsed candidate.

"I've always admired him," Ellison said two days after last spring's convention. "He's been a great representative and a great role model."

There remains a photo of Ellison standing with Sabo in Ellison's campaign office.
Ellison has never given up trying to get Sabo's support.

Waiiiiiiit one cotton-pickin' minute. There's a picture of Sabo posing with Ellison????? Was that a snit too?

"He's spoken to him in the last three weeks," said Ellison spokeswoman Bridget Cusick. "There's nothing negative; he's just not going to endorse."

This snub likely will have little impact on the race. Nobody ever has called Sabo "Old Coattails."


With a mere 3 paragraphs left to go, according to Doogie, Marty Sabo - a man who arrived on America's shores aboard a Viking trireme some 100 years before Columbus made his famous voyage, and shortly thereafter, began his first term in the House as a DFLer - is:

1) Thin skinned

2) Gutless

3) A childish snit-thrower

4) Out of touch

5) Arrogant

6) Ineffectual

The congressman was constantly at Erlandson's side in the DFL primary campaign, yet Erlandson got only 30 percent of the vote.

Sabo's coattails also were tattered in 2003 when another of his aides, Olin Moore, was in a Minneapolis City Council race with Don Samuels. Moore had pictures of himself with Sabo. Samuels had a victory.

In the end, Sabo's position is about how the old order changeth, but not often with grace.


Marty Sabo, inventor of the telescope and DFL Congressman for the 5th district for some 90 bazillion Congresses is:

1) Thin skinned

2) Gutless

3) A childish snit-thrower

4) Out of touch

5) Arrogant

6) Ineffectual

7) An old coot who is failing to age gracefully...

Because he refuses to endorse the DFL corronated carbon-based life-form who wishes to take over his seat.

Methinks the columnist doth impugn too much, if you know what I mean.

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