Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fun KAR Kontest!

The first person to answer the following quetion correctly will have his or her name entered into a drawing in which they may or may not win a KAR Thong.*

What's wrong with this article?

HINT: The trouble has to do with its headline:

Controversy gnaws at Ellison lead.

More later, maybe, once someone figures it out.

* Don't count on your name getting drawn.

UPDATE: If nobody answers, I'm just going to assume you are all stupid rather than merely disengaged.

UPDATE 2: The mayor gets it:

There has been no polling released to show Ellison is leading.

How can an article proclaim that Ellison's "lead" has been gnawed at as fact, when: A) the article contains no data, poll or otherwise, illustrating such; and 2) as far as I can discern, neither the PiPress nor the Strib have published any poll results from the fifth district, ever.

Which raises a whole bunch of other questions, especially where the Strib is concerned.

That's some good journalism there!

Enjoy your thong Andy!

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