Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Global-warmers gone wild

Al Gore is a condescending prick. If he’s ever elected President, he would be the second over-active prick to hold the Oval Office. Or is that the second over-active prick to be held in the Oval Office?

His being the first.

This is what Al-boy thinks about a sitting US Congressman and others who don’t buy into his global warming hysterical bullshit:

"C'mon! And this man [Republican Rep. Dave Reichert's of Washington] asked Gore. "You know, 15 percent of people believe the moon landing was staged on some movie lot and a somewhat smaller number still believe the Earth is flat. They get together on Saturday night and party with the global-warming deniers."

I wonder if the lard-assed, private-jet flying, failed-presidential candidate is willing to actually debate the subject of global warming instead of simply burning thousands of gallons of fossil fuel - apparently a huge contributor to the world-destroying global warming crisis – crisscrossing the globe in an attempt to make himself relevant?

Look at the way he operates: always in front of a friendly crowd. You gotta know this guy’s people get offers every day to have him take part in a real debate on the subject, but they obviously have orders to turn them down.

A wise move, I might add, considering Al’s propensity to tell half-truths and flat out lies in order to support his position.

This just in…British Foreign Secretary goes stark raving mad:

Foreign Secretary calls for 'global warming' tax on holidaymakers

What the hell is going on with these people?

Mrs Beckett urged Brussels to speed up plans to enforce the levy on airlines to encourage them to fly more fuel-effecient planes and deter people from travelling by air.

Coal-fired steam ships anyone? Or shall we get the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria out of dry dock? Maybe a really long bridge over the Atlantic that can carry a train will do the trick.

Al and Margaret are doing a great job of showing the global-warming believers to be anti-progress, anti-human zealots who want to push us back to the medieval age. The same time period, coincidentally, when the religion Islam ceased to progress.


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