Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hey! We Have a Code of Ethics Too

If you haven't been following the MDE vs. the Shrieking Children saga, here's the story so far, presented in an amusing, stylized dialog:

SHRIEKING CHILDREN: Brodkorb got paid for work he did for the Bachmann campaign. Ha! Pwn3d! Now he can't claim to be independent or objective!

LEARNEDFOOT: Um... So what?

(Everybody ignores LearnedFoot)

BRODKORB: Oh yeah, well the "fellows" at the Minnesota Monitor work for a George Soros front organization!

SHRIEKING CHILDREN: So??? MinMon has a "Code of Ethics" Ha! Pwn3d again!

CHUCK OLSEN: Swiftee is a silly-butt!

Well, I saw that "Code of Ethics" and thought it'd be really groovy if KAR had a Code of Ethics too. So I cobbled one together. Of course, our new code is optional for Dementee, because he scares us. Therefore, submitted for your approval, I present:


KARnies should endeavor:

* To invent new, interesting and original euphemisms for the word "poop," such as "plopping a stinky" (verb) or "spinach gratin" (noun).

* To never be like anybody who claims to be a "moderate" or a "centrist" or otherwise misrepresent the truth about their leanings in such a manner.

* To gay-bait the Notorious B.I.L. whenever possible.

KARnies should avoid:

* Using the word "groovy".

* The fucking gratuitous use of the fucking word "fuck," unless said KARnie is really fucking laying into some fucking fucker.

* Ever, EVER associating themselves in any way with any event that has a name like "The Big Ed Progressive Fest with Big Ed Schultz."

* Being as big of a tool as Big Ed Schultz.

* Destabilizing currency of foreign nations in order to make gobs of money to pour into various front organizations for the moonbat wing of the Democratic party.

* Accepting money from, or "using the space" of, any organization connected to George Soros.

* Under no circumstances should any KARnie send an instant message to any other KARnie requesting the other KARnie measure his boner.

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