Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Leftist definition of “overwhelming”

As a subscriber to the “Out of” Air America Minnesota (OOAAM) newsletter, I was struck by the lead article in the most recent:

Due to overwhelming listener requests, AM 950 has decided to carry the Sam Seder show.

I hear phones ringing off the hooks, and email servers crashing from the immense volume of requests to hear the Sam Seder show. The staff, all two of them, at OOAAM, is going insane, more insane, from the constant din.

Sam's show will air each weeknight. Every Monday AM 950 will be broadcasting a "Best of" The Sam Seder Show from midnight- 2 a.m. and a rebroadcast of his daily show will run midnight - 3 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Now I hear the third-shift board operator sitting in the OOAAM break room talking to his sock puppet, “Hey Bootsie, wouldn’t it be great if Sam Seder were on the air? I’m going to begin a grassroots campaign to force management to put him on the air. The Progrssive people will rise up and insist Sam be returned to the less-than-mighty AM950.”

And rise up they did for Sam Seder is now holding down the (tape delayed) graveyard shift on OOAAM.

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