Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Lovesong for Sparky

WARNING: This post is not funny.

Life is good. Mrs. Foot and I have two beautiful children possessed with an abundance of personality (or, in the case of Moonchild, just possessed). A nice house. I am enjoying a fine career, and Mrs. Foot recently became able to quit her job and stay home with the kids - something she has wanted to do for some time.

Yesterday, she called me at work. The biopsy results arrived. She has cancer.

And so the world transforms - obviously moreso for her than for me. Things that seemed bothersome or joyful yesterday fade into the background and our attentions focus on a new, more immediate purpose. Nothing else matters, and it causes one to pause and reflect on whether some of those things ever should have mattered.

It's a profound question.

But some of those things do. If one is to survive and cherish life to its very core, one must also enjoy it's banalities, its annoyances and its simple pleasures. This blog is one of those simple pleasures for me, and is here to stay for now.

But of paramount importance is the well-being and comfort of the love of my life, the mother of my children, and a person who elevates everyone around her. And while she has to bear the physical pain, and screw up all the determination to fight this thing herself, she must know that she's not alone. I hope she does.

It shouldn't be any other way. Because life is good.

Poop jokes tomorrow. Right now, I can hardly type.

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