Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Metallica Can Teach Us a Lot About Gutty Personnel Moves

Justice is done. - Metallica

Yesterday, I imparted the following wisdom:

Ahmad Carol (sic) may be the worst DB in the history of the universe at any level of the game including Pop Warner leagues.

Today, sweet validation:

During his 34 games with the Packers, too often someone was scoring a long touchdown against him or forcing him to commit a penalty in coverage. Both things happened in a 31-9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, sealing the fate of the brash, talented but too often exploited 2004 first-round pick.

Time finally ran out on the 23-year-old Carroll, who entered the season without any significant ties to the head coach and general manager and played himself out of a job with his characteristically uneven play. In the end, it was the 5-foot-10, 190-pound Carroll's inability to play the deep ball that led to his release Tuesday afternoon.

That takes some balls - releasing your starting nickelback (for you Vikings fans, I'm not talking about the band here, but about the fifth position in a five-defensive-back set) - a first round pick from a mere two years ago, no less - when you already are thin at DB shows that Mike McCarthy may have the same intolerance for incompetence that earned Mike Holmgren a ring.

While McCarthy has a long, long way to go, this may portend some hope for the future. The Pear (a/k/a Mike Sherman) left the team with a string of putrid draft picks. It's good to see that McCarthy has no fear of addressing the problem, even if it thins the team's talent even more in the short term.

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