Monday, October 09, 2006

Moron Mail


Senate race

Part of the problem

Does Mark Kennedy think we're stupid?

On one hand, he runs a dirty campaign against Amy Klobuchar, a respected public servant. On the other, he describes himself as "part of the solution" to our problems in Washington.
Is anyone really falling for this malarkey?


Does this guy think we're stupid?

On one hand you've got your typical drivel-rich moronic letter to the Strib. On the other, Eli Manning threw for 256 yards and a touchdown yesterday.

On the third hand, this twerp wastes your time and mine (mostly mine) with vacuous thought-free rhetoric. On the third hand's corresponding, other hand, my chicken sandwich is quite tasty.
On yet another hand I could fisk this letter. On the other foot, McDonald's "Monopoly" Instant Win game is going on right now; for a limited time only!

Is anyone ever persuaded by the flaming crap that gets published in the Strib's letters section?

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