Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Moron Mail

Oh look: some loser offers us a sanctimonious brain pooping in the Strib letters! Who'da thunk it?

On Oct. 6, I received Republican Fifth District House candidate Alan Fine's scurrilous mailing attacking Keith Ellison for his associations with alleged Muslim extremists.

On Oct. 7, I read the article on Fine's alleged domestic abuse history.

I have imaged both and am saving them side by side in my "2006 Political" folder to record for posterity the kind of posterior the Republicans nominated for Congress this year.


I have imaged this letter, and am saving it side by side in my 2006 "2006 Poop" folder with those pictures of Ryan Rhodes' Greatest Shits.

No, really. What kind of looser loser do you have to be to create a "2006 Political" folder. I imagine that Saturday nights with Kurt must be a hoot. "Duuuuude. Let's spark up and look through your '2006 Political' folder!"

If there's any room left in your little Dork Porn folder there little buddy, perhaps you could contact your buddy Keith and get one of those fly Nation of Islam newspapers he used to distribute.

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