Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Questions Are a Burden

* Can you really roll out a TV ad within 4 days?

* How does Wetterling think that ad will help, given that her opponent isn't even a member of Congress?

* Wasn't there a report a couple of months ago about how Wetterling got put on the DNCC's "red to blue" program - a program that provided a fundraising "push" to certain Dem congrassional candidates in hostile districts?

* When was the $$$ for the Wetterling spot budgeted?

* And when, exactly did an "accusation" of a cover up (see the headline graphic at very beginning of above linked ad) become an "admission" of a cover-up, like the voice over asserts?

* If I accused the every Democrat in the house of Representatives of molesting a child - when none of them did - could the RNCC use that in a commercial?

* Hey Patty - when did you stop shoplifting?

* If I accused Russ Feigold of being a gay polygamist, could I legitimately call on every Democrat in the Senate to resign?

* Doesn't that photo of Wetterling at the end of the spot make her head look like a pumpkin?

* Are the Dem's actually trying to transpose what information Hastert actually had last spring (the "overly-friendly," "slightly creepy" but non-sexual e-mails) with the IM transcripts just released by ABC this week, of which Hastert had no knowledge ("measure your boner") in order to try to spread one man's malfeasance to an entire party?

* Did they (or any of their parroting kool aid drinkers) even see the e-mails Hastert had access to?

* Not exactly "measure your boner for me you hottie" now, are they?

* Do they think we're stupid?

* Isn't that last question a little stupid given the smug, arrogant, pompous way these jerkoffs always conduct themselves?

* Or are they right?

* If the Democrats cared so much about protecting young pages from predatory congressmen, why did they sit on the story for months (years?), and only then leak the story to a kool aid drinking lowlife blogger?

* Do you think most members of NAMBLA vote Republican?

* Isn't this whole thing kind of like all those "dirty tricks" they always accuse Karl Rove of doing?

* Speaking of Rove, when is the Republican October surprise coming?

* He is an "evil genius" right?

* If and when, the GOP springs an October surprise, how quickly will the Dems and their surrogates in the press and blogosphere accuse them of "smearboating" their opponents?

* Did anybody catch the Iron Maiden reference in the title to this post?

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