Friday, October 20, 2006


The votes have been tabulated and all precincts have reported. In the main event - the race for Mayor...

We have a tie!

Both Andy "Teh Fuzzy-Headed Freak" Aplicowski and Bobo the Foul-Mouthed Chimp led all candidates, getting 38 votes apiece. While Leo Pastacannelloni did manage to get 47 votes, 30 of those were cast by himself in a single 10 hour period. His vote total has been amended accordingly. The runoff election between Andy and Bobo will commence Monday.

To the rest of the candidates who were unable to get out the vote, I say: shame on you. You all are an embarrassment to the MOB. The lot of you are a bunch of rediculous loosers. From Swiftee who had so much enthusiastic support at the beginning of the campaign only to piss it all away; to Ryan, who did what he does best: laying a big, juicy turd.

For shame.

Here are the final vote totals:

Now go lick your wounds and start putting together an exploratory committee for the 2007 election.


The downballot race for MOB Soil & Water Commissioner didn't garner as much interest as the mayoral race. But still, Sisyphus walks away from the race with a convincing 60% to 40% mandate. It didn't hurt that his opponent was one of the worst candidates for any office ever in the history of the universe.

Congratulations Sisyphus on your new office. You may proudly display the Great Seal of the Office of Soil and Water Commissioner on your ThunderJournal:

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