Friday, October 27, 2006

Snark On

First, I'd like to thank everyone who commented, e-mailed or posted their kind words for Mrs. Foot and me. Both of us appreciate them more than you know.

One comment does require highlighting, though. It read in part:

Time to put the snark on the back burner

No. KAR began as a therapeutic outlet and remains one. I love to write about things I find amusing or rant at morons. If ever I needed to make myself laugh (if only myself), or vent my spleen, it is now. So I will sally forth because I need KAR more than ever. The snark (actually I prefer "churlish mirth and jockularity") shall continue unabated. It will be on the front and the back burners. And the side burners. And the afterburner. In fact I am going to douse the snark with gasoline so that all the various burners ignite said snark with the resulting fire perhaps spreading to the curtains and... er..

I'm sorry. The metaphor kind of got away from me, and I'd like to bail out of it now.

Which reminds me: lost in all the poopy emotions of yesterday was Moonchild's second birthday. Yes, the "terrible twos" are just now beginning. Pity us.

In any event, Moonchild and I will celebrate the Big Oh-Two in a fashion typical of the boys in the Foot household:

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