Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Something Smells; and It Ain't Blood

UPDATED 5:25 am

Go check out that blog I linked to in the post below. The one that exposed the e-mails Foley sent to the page.

Don't just look at that post. Look at the entire blog: The archives, etc.

Notice anything odd?

More later, maybe.

UPDATE: OK, here's a little hint.

The very first post on this blog is in July (the only post in July - in fact this blogger wasn't all that busy until last week). It states:

Welcome to !!! This blog is dedicated to exposing sex predators before they can get to our kids. This site is intended to serve as a clearing house for the public to report sex predators and as a resource for concerned parents and citizens.


As this blog grows, I will be sure to find a good way to organize the information posted. For now, please just post your information. If it is inappropriate, I will take the liberty to remove it. For questions, please email . Thanks for joining with concerned citizens to protect our children.

(Emphasis mine.)

Funny thing - the blog doesn't allow comments.

There will be more. How about helping me out by training a thousand eyeballs on this, ahem, blog.

UPDATE 2: Suspicion not aroused yet? OK. How's this:

The (still) anonymous blogger who first published those emails, had one post in July, 3 in August and before the big bombshell, twice in September.

In fact, the only Technorati love this DCCC operative blogger gets is from the last 5 days. The earliest link to this blog shown by Technorati is from 9/26/06.

So why would the "person" who divulged the emails go to "Stop Sex Predators (dot blogspot)". Why not some other, bigger blog (Kos?) or maybe an NGO child protection agency?

Even with all the links SSP has gotten in the past 5 days, its rank is still1,755,083.

This was a nobody blog.

UPDATE 3: Apparently there comments were once allowed, but the DCCC operative blogger removed them, purportedly because of harrassing comments. The google cache confirms this.

However, I still call bullshit. How did Stop Sexual Predators' tipster(s) know about that blog? It took months and several gratuitous links from Fraters to get KAR out of the 15-hit per day ghetto. Yet this loser, posts -what?- 5 times since July, and all of a sudden s/he's the go-to guy/gal. Why not Wonkette?

How did the "tipster" know about this blog?

He sure as hell didn't find it through google.

UPDATE 4: A faithful reader questions whether I am the man behind the SSP blog, and if this is all a gag. I assure you, I have nothing to do with that crappy crappy blog.

The guy you ought to talk to about it is Howard Dean...

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