Tuesday, October 31, 2006

StonerBlogging: Coming Down

I just read that last post. The incoherence. The flightiness. The gnat-like attention span. The disconnection from reality. Disgraceful.

I also looked at the parts of that post that I wrote. And while my prose - in contrast to the Moron Mailers featured therein - was amusing, uplifting, funny, enlightening, not particularly angry and orange, I realize that fat, drunk and stoned is no way to run a ThunderJournal. Especially so in this day and age when you routinely are alerted to things like this. And while it's much easier to apprehend the Strib's candidate endorsements when in an altered state, it's probably a better policy to not attempt to understand them, and just go on ignoring them. So I am going to start laying off the doobie.

Plus I gained, like, 30 pounds.

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