Friday, November 17, 2006

Ain’t too young to fisk

I don’t like picking on our youth, but here goes.

The following letter has me gravely concerned for the next generation’s ability to fend for themselves, to survive in the world without turning to one “community” or another to get them through the day.

Teach us better dances

Is it a surprise to anyone that sexual dances are becoming more prevalent at teen dances (
'As dancing turns dirtier, schools get stricter,' Nov. 13)?

Not surprised, just disgusted. Too many parents abdicate parenting to be their kid’s friend. They don’t want the little darlings to get upset so the word “no” disappears from their vocabulary and boundaries are erased.

Teenagers used to do a variety of dances that were fun, and yet still not sexually explicit. They did that because they knew other dances that were more appropriate.

And your point is?

The only difference between dances then and now is that we learn our moves off of MTV. It's all we see.

I see. Your point is that you and your peers are brainless twits who have no capacity to think for yourselves. Here’s a suggestion: Stop the pelvic thrusts, turn off the crap MTV spews and pop in a DVD. I recommend Top Hat and Singin’ in the Rain for starters.

Spend a little time with Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelley, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds if you want to see real dancing.

Administrators making up rules won't make teens dance differently. What will help teens dance in other ways is teaching them other dances.

Bull and shit to that, my dear. You’re gonna keep rubbing your ass into his crotch regardless of what you’re taught.

If we're given the opportunity to learn other dances, we'll dance in ways that are more appropriate.

Are you and your friends so devoid of brain matter that you are incapable of finding ways to move your body that don’t simulate – if not stimulate – vertical screwing. And do you really think, for one minute, that a dance class or two is going to change the way you horn-dogs move on the dance floor?

Either you are incredibly naive or you think adults are just plain stupid.

Teaching dance is the most effective solution,

No, the most effective solution is for teens to stop acting like a bunch of randy rabbits that are only looking to get laid.

but for that, dancers in the community need to step up and share their talents with local teens.

There it is…the Hillary Clinton Village concept. Take some responsibility you slut. No one forces you to simulate sex acts on the dance floor. It is you, and you alone, who controls your actions. No “dancers in the community” are obligated to teach you how not to give the boys hard-ons when you shake your ass.

If they're willing to teach, they'll find an audience ready to embrace the art of dance.

They are willing to teach, my young misguided tramp. There are dance studios sprinkled throughout the Twin Cities. All you have to do is pick one and sign up for a class.

MARIA D. (author’s name withheld to prevent embarrassment)
St. Paul
The writer is a sophomore at Central High School.

This is what we’ve come to. Maria is so helpless; she needs help to keep from dancing like a porn star wannabe because she can’t figure it out for herself.

What a sad and pathetic example of a wretchedly permissive society.

Her parents should be ashamed.

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