Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Elitist Numbnuts Editorialist Makes Fool of Self

Remember: you can't spell "Arrogant Douchebag Strib Editorial" without "S-T-R-I-B":

Another community makes a fool of itself

It's a continual source of amazement in U.S. life that frequently those who yell the loudest about the need to protect "American values" don't have a clue about what those supposedly cherished values actually involve.

It's a continual source of amazement in KAR-Nation that frequently those who yell the loudest about xenophobia and "diversity" don't have a clue about anything outside the 494-694 loop.

The latest community to embarrass itself with a public display of such cluelessness is the small burg of Pahrump, Nev.

NonMonkey wrote this one, didn't he? C'mon - fess up.

If not, then it must be Boyd. It was Boyd, right? They're the only two who think name-calling is the same thing as argument.

It's gotta be Boyd...

It's a desert community about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas and hard by the California border. Apparently the good citizens of Pahrump have a lot of barely concealed animosity toward Mexico and those who come from there -- although evidence is in short supply as to precisely what harm things Mexican have caused Pahrump.

Or perhaps it's that they realize - unlike anyone who works at 425 Portland Avenue, apparently - that life is so much easier for everyone - especially Mexicans - when people can communicate with each other.

At a meeting two weeks ago, the Pahrump Town Board passed an ordinance making English the official town language, an act of breathtaking arrogance in itself, presuming as it does that English needed Pahrumpian protection.


Sorry. The use of the term "breathtaking arrogance" in a Strib editorial generally, and this one specifically, just made my half-chewed chicken sandwich shoot out my nose.

You get the gist of the attitude in the village from the motion made by board member Michael Miraglia (good Italian name that), who wrote the proposed ordinance. "I make a motion, for all the servicemen and women that died for our country, that we pass PTO 54, the English Language and Patriot Reaffirmation Ordinance," Miraglia said.

Goodness, the things that are done in the name of dead servicemen and women, many of which must cause national cemeteries to jiggle with the simultaneous revulsive turnings in so many graves.

No. It's definitely NonMonkey. Whatever happened to the Strib's vaunted "separation between editorial board and newsroom"?

But the Italian-American's ordinance, which passed on a 3-2 vote, did not stop with language. It also prohibits anyone from displaying the flag of a foreign nation in Pahrump unless the American flag flies above it.

Speaking on behalf of the "Italian-American Community" to the Smug Poopypantsian-American community, we prefer to simply be called "Americans".

Now news can travel slowly in the desert, but surely word has reached Pahrump by now that the most prized freedom for which those servicemen and women died is freedom to speak one's mind. You can do that with words, but you can also do that by displaying a Mexican flag or even, gasp, an Italian one.

Yes, but it is extremely difficult to order a pizza, help your kids with their homework and get a decent job if everybody around you speaks English (as is quite common in these United States, you know) and you do not. You might even say that an inability to speak the prevailing language hurts your chances of getting any distance between you and the poverty line.

I'm beginning to think that the Strib is racist against Latinos. They seem content to have the language barrier continue to serve as a sort of glass ceiling, keeping the immigrant mired in poverty. That way, the Strib, and other liberals like them, feel needed.

There, I said it. Jim Boyd and others like him are bigots. And poopypantses.

The Pahrump ordinance is obviously unconstitutional on its face, as a representative of the American Civil Liberties Union tried to tell Pahrumpians when they weren't busy shouting her down. In due course, Pahrump will get tired of the legal bills and retire this ordinance, or it will be ordered to retire it by the courts.

Um, watch those legal terms, Jim. I'm not a print journalist, so I would never presume to use terms like, er, "pica"... or something, with out knowing what it means. The flag part of the ordinance may be unconstitutional because it carries a penalty (unlike the constitutional federal American Flag Code which it follows), but the rest of it likely isn't.

You did read the ordinance didn't you? You would have loved it: the word "diversity" appears about 14 times in the preamble.

But isn't it galling that people with so little regard for real American values would presume to defend them, and so thoroughly violate them in the process

Let's tic off the "American Values" the Strib presumes to represent:

* Speech codes

* Gay marriage

* Lutefisk

* European-style socialism

* Guilty until proven innocent

I'm sure you can think of more.

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